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Email Subscription Service

Our Email Subscription service has been designed to meet the unique needs of our Division of Business Services’ customers.   This service allows you to set specific subscription preferences ranging from general information notices to entity record updates and official communications. The following services are available:

General Information Notices (Notices) – This service will be used to distribute information and notices communicated to the general public by the Office of the Secretary of State. Most of the notices will be specific to the business community such as legislative changes, changes to filing procedures and/or new services offered by the Division of Business Services. However, this function will also be utilized to notify our customers of service outages, weather/holiday closures and other announcements of programs offered by the Office of the Secretary of State.

Business Entity Record Updates (Record Updates) – An officer, director, partner, manager, member or other authorized representative of an entity may set their User Profile to receive an email notification whenever a filing is posted for their entity within our filing system, including formal notices issued by our office. This option can be used as a tool to verify our receipt of a filing, as well as, a tool to protect against corporate identity theft. This setting can be managed on your User Profile Update Page.

Official Communications (Communications) - An authorized representative (i.e.: officer, director, partner, member, agent etc.) may subscribe to receive official communications via email. This service option allows more than one person to receive these important notices. At this time, our office will use this system to remind filers that their annual report filing period is underway.

Note, all official communication required by statute, will continue to be served via the U.S. Postal Service.