Order a Certificate of Status/Good Standing

Certificates of Status and Certificates of Good Standing are available electronically and can be used to verify an entity is in good standing, has been issued a revocation certificate, or has been voluntarily dissolved, canceled, or withdrawn.

A certificate of status (good standing) is issued by the RI Department of State to verify that a business entity is in good standing with the RI Department of State. It does not verify that a business has satisfied its tax obligations and should not be confused with a Letter of Good Standing issued by the RI Division of Taxation.

Verify an Issued Certificate of Status

This tool allows you to verify whether a Certificate of Status was issued by the RI Department of State.

To verify a certificate, click here.

Before You Order

Confirm your business is in good standing. Learn how.

Types of Certificates of Status:
  • Good standing
  • Legal existence
  • Dissolved
  • Withdrawn
  • Canceled
  • Revoked
  • Non-resident Landlord

Forms of payments

  • Online: All major credit cards are accepted.
  • In person: You can pay with cash, check made payable to RI Department of State, or credit card (additional fees apply).
  • By phone: We do not take payments over the phone. Payment is made at the time of pickup.
  • By mail: Make your check payable to RI Department of State.


  • Visit the  Corporate Database to search for the correct entity.
  • Click on the request certificate box at the top of the screen.
  • In the dropdown menu, select the certificate type desired and click add.
  • Fill in your contact information in its entirety. To avoid delivery delays, verify your email address is correct before submitting your order.
  • Complete your order. Be sure to print or save the receipt

  • Payment: All major credit cards are accepted
  • Fee: Non-profit entities $7. All other entities $22. Non-refundable
  • Processing time: Two business days (plus mailing time, if needed)

Additional types of certificates

The RI Department of State also offers more in-depth certificates for a fee of $30 per certificate.

Each certificate is created individually for a specific entity and cannot be emailed.

Orders can be placed by following the directions provided in the By Phone order tab.

  • Certificate of Fact – Name Change
  • Certificate of Fact – Merger
  • Certificate of good standing – long form
  • Certificate of legal existence – long form