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Maintain Your Non-Profit Corporation

Once you have registered your non-profit corporation with the RI Department of State, there are certain steps you must take each year to keep your registration up-to-date, otherwise known as “in good standing.” State law requires that non-profits meet the following expectations each year in order to remain in good standing.

Did you know?

Directors and Officers are not the same thing – and you must list both on your annual report!

File an Annual Report

Non-profit corporations must file an annual report with the RI Department of State each June.

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Maintain a Registered Agent/Office

Maintain a valid registered agent and registered office on file with the RI Department of State.

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Pay Taxes

Pay all applicable sales and income taxes to the RI Division of Taxation, the Internal Revenue Service, and your local city or town.

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Non-profit corporations that fail to meet these annual obligations will lose their good standing status. This can affect your ability to do business in Rhode Island. Learn more about returning your non-profit to good standing status.

Update       Non-Profit

Quickly find the forms you need to keep your entity record up-to-date.

Order Certificates

Learn how to order a Certificate of Good Standing or a Certificate of Legal Existence. 

Order Certified Copies

Learn how to order certified copies of your corporate record. 

Renew Licenses

Learn more about renewing your non-profit’s professional and municipal licenses and permits.

Grow Your Non-Profit

Explore the many resources available to help you find funding, conduct research, and feed your entrepreneurial spirit.

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