Apostilles are a form of legalization on public and private documents certifying the signature and stamp/seal of an RI official or notary public. To be eligible for an apostille from the State of Rhode Island, your document must be issued by a RI official or properly notarized by a RI notary public. Apostilles are intended for use outside of the United States in a country that subscribes to the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. Apostilled documents are immediately ready to be sent to the destination country without the need for additional levels of authentication.

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Click here to watch this video for a more in-depth definition of an apostille and commonly apostilled documents.

Get an Apostille

Learn how to prepare your document for apostille, how to apply, and how to track the progress of your apostille request.

Verify an Apostille

Learn about RI’s single certificate apostille and verify the authenticity of a RI apostille presented to you.

Track an Apostille

Use this tool to track the status of your submission.

Have you been asked to notarize a document destined for use in another country? Learn about the dos and don’ts of notarizing public documents.

International students or students working abroad often need school transcripts and diplomas apostilled for use in another country. Learn how to ensure your records meet their needs.


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