Withdraw/Cancel a Business Registration

If your foreign business has been dissolved, was the non-survivor of a merger, or is no longer conducting business in Rhode Island, you must formally withdraw your business registration.


To withdraw/cancel your business registration in Rhode Island, you must satisfy all filing obligations with both the RI Division of Taxation and the RI Department of State. In order to withdraw, your business must be active and up to date with all filings with the RI Department of State. To verify your status, email [email protected].

You must also complete a Final Return Form with the RI Division of Taxation and confirm that all other tax accounts have been closed and your tax obligations are paid in full. Your business must certify to the RI Department of State, under penalty of perjury, that it has confirmed its tax status with the RI Division of Taxation and has no outstanding tax debts. To verify your status, email [email protected]. Limited Partnerships must provide a Letter of Good Standing (LOGS) in order to cancel.

The RI Division of Taxation's Taxpayer Portal is an easy way for your business to verify its current status and pay any outstanding taxes. Visit the Taxpayer Portal to get started.

Business Structure Online Filing Paper Filing Fee
Limited Liability Company (LLC) File Online PDF $75
Business Corporation File Online PDF $50
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) N/A PDF $50
Limited Partnership (LP)



Letter of Good Standing required – see instructions.



NOTE: After submitting all documents, be sure to confirm your filing.


Rhode Island State law requires final paychecks to be paid to employees within twenty-four (24) hours of their last day of work (R.I. Gen. Laws Chapter 28-14). If an employee has completed at least one year of service, then holiday pay, vacation pay, and insurance benefits are to be paid within twenty-four (24) hours of their last day of work.

The Warn Act is a federal law requiring employers of 100 or more full-time workers to give 60 days advance notice of a plant closing or mass layoff.

Employers with 100 or more full-time workers are affected if:

  • They close a facility or discontinue an operating unit with 50 or more workers; or
  • They lay off 50-499 workers and these workers comprise at least 33% of the total workforce at a single site of employment; or
  • They lay off 500 or more workers at a single site of employment

The law requires that this notification be given to the appropriate local chief elected official, the Dislocated Worker Unit of the RI Department of Labor & Training, and the collective bargaining representative of affected employees or each employee if the employees don't have such representation.

Until you legally close your business with the state, you will continue to owe annual taxes and fees.