Renew professional & municipal licenses

Depending on the nature of your business, state laws and regulations as well as municipal ordinances may require your business, or even your employees, to obtain licenses in order to operate. These licenses often require renewal on an annual, biennial, or other regular basis. While these licenses are not issued by or submitted to the RI Department of State, we are committed to helping your business stay on track. Follow the links below to learn more about licenses, check the status of a license, or find out how to renew an expiring license.

State Professional Licenses

Professional licenses are administered by the state agency with the legal authority to regulate individuals operating in certain industries (for example, social workers are individually licensed through the Department of Health). If you are not sure if your profession requires professional licensing, you can use our Business Assistant application which will narrow down licensing requirements for your specific category of business.  For more information on professional licensing, please visit the following RI state agency websites:

Municipal Licenses and Permits

The local City or Town Clerk where your business is located can help you determine what licenses or permits, such as entertainment or liquor licenses, are needed.