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Tools to Engage your Community En Español

Voting is fundamental to our democracy. Use these images and guides to help engage your community in voting! We offer printed materials as well.


Please email [email protected] or call 401-222-2340 to request printed materials.


Communications Guide 2022

Communications Guide

This guide provides sample messages and images to help you educate and engage voters in your community.

Vote by Mail

Vote by Mail Guide

This guide provides frequently asked questions about the voting process by mail.

Registration Guides

Voter Registration Guide

This guide provides everything you need to host a voter registration drive in your community.

Election Educational Tools

How voting by mail works in Rhode Island Vote
How voting by mail works

This infographic explains the steps and safe and secure mail ballot process in Rhode Island.

 Voting While Trans in Rhode Island Vote, Get a Voter ID that better represents you!
Voting While Trans

Gender identity should never exclude anyone from being a voter. Get a Voter ID that better represents you!

 How to Spot Disinformation
How to Spot Disinformation

This infographic is an ILLUSTRATION of how information operations have been carried out in the past to exploit divisions in the United States.

How to Mark your Ballot
Choose How to Mark your Ballot

This infographic provides the steps how to use the new ExpressVote machine.

Tools for the General Election