The Burning of the Gaspee En Español

The attack on the British Royal Navy's HMS Gaspee is celebrated in Rhode Island as the spark that ignited the American Revolution. Considered an act of treason by British authorities, in New England it was considered a brave assault on a “piratical” captain and his ship. The attack and its aftermath highlighted colonial frustrations and prompted the American colonies to call for the creation of a Continental Congress.

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Explore primary sources related to the Gaspee from the RI State Archives

Maritime trade

Maritime Trade

Learn about trade and commerce in Rhode Island in the 1700s by looking at maps and reviewing shipping records.

Who controls the colony?

Who Controls the Colony?

Rhode Island and British officials disagreed about who had authority in Narragansett Bay. Read the letters exchanged between Governor Wanton, Lieutenant Dudingston, and Admiral Montagu.

Conflicting accounts

Conflicting Accounts

Over 30 people, including young indentured servants and prominent Rhode Islanders, provided their accounts of the event.

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Cast of Characters

A short list of some of the key players in the Gaspee attack and investigation.

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