Civic Education Teacher of the Year Award

About the Award

Secretary of State Gregg M. Amore is pleased to announce the inaugural Rhode Island Civic Education Teacher of the Year Award. This annual award will honor one outstanding teacher who has demonstrated a commitment to and expertise in teaching Civics or American Government, with special consideration given to teachers who employ innovative teaching practices and experiential learning. The award will also recognize the ways in which providing a robust civic education for students contributes to the public good. Nominees must be nominated by a current student, teaching colleague, or administrator.

Nomination Form

Nomination Deadline

All nominations must be received by April 7, 2023. The selected teacher will be notified in early May 2023 and honored at an award ceremony at the Rhode Island State House.


  • Nominees must be current, full-time teachers of Civics or American Government in grades 8–12.
  • Teachers related to employees of the RI Department of State are not eligible.
  • The award recipient must be able to participate in the award ceremony.
  • More than one nomination from each school may be submitted.


  • Nominations must be submitted online by 5PM on April 7, 2023. Partial or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
  • A letter of support from someone other than the nominator, with first-hand knowledge of the teacher’s commitment to and expertise in teaching Civics or American Government, must accompany each nomination.
  • A biography and/or resume of the teacher may be submitted as part of the nomination but is not required.

Selection Committee

The 2023 Selection Committee is a diverse and inclusive group of teachers, school administrators, students, members of civic organizations, and community leaders. They will choose one exemplary teacher who will be honored by Secretary of State Gregg M. Amore.