Costs & Fees

Our Business Assistant will help you estimate the regulatory costs of your business. Below is a chart that outlines some of the different business structures in Rhode Island and annual filing fees and taxes that are associated.

Legal Business Entities (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Partnerships) are required to pay a minimum annual tax of $400 to the Rhode Island Division of Taxation.

Corporation Benefit Corporation Workers’ Cooperative Limited Liability Company (LLC)(L3C) General Partnership Sole Proprietor
Initial RI Dept. of State Filing Fee $230 $230 $230 $150 None None
RI Dept. of State Annual Report $50 $60 $50 $50 None None
RI Division of Taxation Minimum Corporate Tax $400* $400* $400* $400* None None

Additional Licensing Fees

Use our Business Assistant to gather licensing information for your specific business type.

* The tax is owed whether or not business is conducted or a profit is made. The minimum annual tax is NOT pro-rated and will be owed regardless of how long the business operated in the calendar year.

Additional Resources

Need more information about financing your business? Here are some helpful organizations: