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RI Business Data Hub

The Department of State, Division of Business Services maintains Rhode Island’s state business registry. We record new business formations, types of business activities conducted, business location, and business closings in Rhode Island.

The following interactive data visualizations illustrate the business landscape across the state based on the entities that file with our office.


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What is the business landscape in Rhode Island?

RI’s Business Landscape

Use our interactive tools to track trends in entity types registered, explore business longevity, and discover common business activity in Rhode Island.

What is going on in your city/town?

Find Your Market

Using our business data and recent census information, you can identify what types of entities are conducting business in which city or town. Explore location-specific employment, education, and income levels, too!

What is the business landscape in Rhode Island?

The Daily Numbers

Wondering how many businesses have registered with the state in total? Looking to find out how many registered last month? Look no further. Use this tool to get up-to-date information about active businesses and non-profits registered with the RI Department of State.

Survey of self-registered entities

Survey Says…

Did you know we also collect self-reported data from our registered entities? Use these tools to explore ownership, employment, and revenue data by city or town or by industry.

Additional resources

Become a data subscriber

You can purchase a one-time download or annual subscription to our corporate, notary, trademark/service mark, and/or UCC data! Data is available in .TXT format via CD or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Ten years in review

Rhode Island Economic Indicators ReportWe partnered with the Roger Williams University Mario J. Gabelli School of Business & Alan Hassenfeld Fellowship Program to publish a comprehensive report tracking ten years of our business data. The Rhode Island Economic Indicators Report identifies trends in business and economic data from 2008-2017.


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