Lobbying in Rhode Island

The Department of State is Rhode Island’s central hub that connects, informs, and empowers Rhode Islanders. Ensuring full transparency in government for all stakeholders and the general public is one of the Department of State’s primary responsibilities.

State law requires lobbyists, lobbying firms, and their clients to register with us and to report a variety of data regarding their activities. We encourage you to use Lobby Tracker, our searchable database that includes the name of every registered lobbyist in the state, as well as their legislative and executive branch issues, compensation and clients.

Lobby Tracker 2017 - 2023

You can quickly see who has registered lobbying relationships for the 2018 session by clicking the “Who is lobbying in RI” button below. This searchable database also contains data and information for 2017.

Who is lobbying in RI?

Lobby Tracker 2005 - 2016

This searchable database contains data and information for past legislative sessions. You can search lobbying reports and relationships by topic, name, or bill number going back to 2005.

Search 2005 - 2016