Notary Complaints

Who may & how to file

Any identifiable person may file a complaint against a Notary Public who is alleged to have violated the Rhode Island Notary Public Standards of Conduct or RI General Law.

Notary Complaint Form

To initiate a formal complaint against a Rhode Island Notary Public, a notary complaint form must be completed and remitted to the Department of Administration, One Capitol Hill, Providence RI 02908.

Rules Adjudicating Notary Complaints

The Department of Administration adopted the RULES OF PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE FOR INVESTIGATING, PROSECUTING, AND ADJUDICATING ALLEGATIONS AGAINST NOTARIES PUBLIC. The rules were adopted as a result of Executive Order 09-08 to further the fair, prompt and orderly administration of Notary Public complaints.  The rules incorporate the Standards of Conduct for Notaries Public in the State of Rhode Island referenced and endorsed in Executive Order 09-25. A copy of the rules may be found here.