File a Notary Complaint

If you suspect that a RI Notary Public has committed misconduct, you may submit a formal complaint, after which the notary’s commission may be suspended or revoked by the Governor’s Office. If you are also seeking financial compensation because of alleged notarial misconduct, you must file a civil lawsuit.

How to File a Notary Complaint

The RI Department of State does not have the authority to investigate notary complaints. Complaints are adjudicated by the RI Department of Administration. Notary complaints are governed by the Rules of Practice and Procedure for Investigating, Prosecuting, and Adjudicating Allegations Against Notaries Public. Complaints are adjudicated by the RI Department of Administration.

To initiate a formal complaint against a Rhode Island Notary Public, you must mail a completed notary complaint form to the Department of Administration, One Capitol Hill, Providence RI 02908. Please note you must be willing to be identified in the complaint; anonymous complaints are not permitted

What Happens Next?
  1. Submit the complaint.
  2. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Department of Administration will provide a copy of the complaint to the notary and request a response.
  3. Once the Department of Administration has reviewed the facts and has completed its investigation, they will make a written determination and will provide notice to all involved parties.
  4. If the Department of Administration recommends suspension or revocation of the notary’s commission, the RI Department of State will revoke or suspend the commission.