Records Retention Schedules

Records Retention Schedules describe the function and life cycle of records created at government agencies. They assist in describing records in the custody of state agencies and provide standards for length of storage and preservation.

Online Forms and Templates Records Retention Schedules

Don't see your record listed on a schedule?

Contact the Public Records Administration to help improve the schedule.

How to start:


  • Review all Records Retention Schedules.
  • If the records you’re seeking to destroy are common, use the “General Retention Schedules.”
  • If the records you’re seeking to destroy are unique to your agency, use the “Agency Specific Schedules.”
  • Review the Records Retention Schedules to locate the appropriate record series, title, and retention period.

NOTE: If the records you’re seeking to destroy are not included in any schedule, they cannot be destroyed. Please contact the Public Records Administration to begin the Amendment process.


  • Keep records in safe storage, protected from exposure to water, excess heat, or humidity, when not in use.  
  • Assess storage space and monitor the environment.
  • Determine when a record has reached retention using the Records Retention Schedules.

There are nine (9) sections on the Certification of Records Destruction (CRD) Form that must be completed:

  • Department
  • Division
  • Date [of submission]
  • Record Series Number(s)
  • Record Series Title(s)
  • Dates to/from [year records were created]
  • Volume
  • Additional Conditions confirmation
  • Signature

Record Series Title(s) and Dates to/from [year records were created] will be found in the associated Records Retention Schedule and will appear in bold, such as: “GRS4.2  Construction and Improvement Records."

For step by step instructions download the Instructions for Completing a Certification of Records Destruction. Instructions are also included at the beginning of each Records Retention Schedule.


  • Mail or bring to:
  • RI State Archives
    33 Broad Street
    Providence, RI 02903
  • Email your completed form to the State Archives & Public Records Administration at [email protected]. For city and town departments, email your completed form to [email protected]