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Guidelines & Educational Resources

Looking for a step-by-step plan to improve your records management? The below Records Management Guides and Records Management Regulation focus on specific subjects and steps to help you in your day-to-day management and provide tips, advice, and resources to keep you informed.

Department of State Regulation

This Regulation provides an outline for the required procedures for preparing Records Control Schedules, storing inactive records, records disposal, and the transfer of permanent historical records to the State Archives.

Guidelines – Guidance Documents

Additional Resources for Records Management Planning

Online Workshops

Looking to brush up on your records management skills? These resources are here to share vital concepts relevant to all state and local government employees, to demonstrate and encourage best practice of actual records management methods. If you or your team would like to schedule a specific training for your agency, please contact the State Archives & Public Records Administration at 401-222-2353 or [email protected]

Records Management: A Snapshot

This workshop provides an overview of current records and information management issues, standards, and best practices for day to day management of agency records. (Duration: 25 minutes)

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Retention Schedules Essentials

Rhode Island General Law requires that state agencies have approved records retention schedules to dispose of records. This workshop explains the process of creating these schedules and how to comply with the law, become more efficient with your information, and save money! (Duration: 35 minutes)

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Local Government Records

This workshop is designed to provide records managers at Local Government agencies with updated guidance on standards of practice and information for day to day management of agency records. (Duration: 25 minutes)

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Managing Electronic Mail

This workshop provides advice on utilizing and organizing email, as a public record, and the tools that will help you along the way. (Duration: 30 Minutes)

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Digital Records (Part 1)

This two-part workshop addresses digital records for government agencies. In part one of this series, learn about unique challenges and benefits, digital records characteristics, and the implications of both good and poor management of digital records. (Duration: 30 minutes).

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Digital Records (Part 2)

In Part two of this workshop series, learn about file naming, ensuring authenticity, Preservation challenges, and how to combat obsolescence in digital media. (Duration: 30 minutes).

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