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Lobbying and Legislation

Data Exploration Tool

The Department of State is the state’s central hub that connects, informs, and empowers Rhode Islanders. Transparency in government for all stakeholders and the general public is one of the Department of State’s primary responsibilities.
The following interactive data visualizations illustrate the life cycle of bills during legislative sessions going back to 2009 and the lobbying landscape in the state since the Lobbying Reform act was implemented in 2017.


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Registered Lobbying in RI

Lobbying in RI

Use our interactive tool to dig deeper into who is registered to lobby and what topics they are lobbying. (2017 – 2019 Data.)

Legislation Lifecycles

Life Cycle of Legislation

Use our interactive tool to follow the life of a bill during past legislative sessions. (2009 – 2019 Data.)

Lobby Hotline

Lobby Hotline

Know of an individual or entity that is lobbying without required registration? Let us know through our anonymous reporting tool.


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