Electronic Notarization

An electronic notarization or notarial act means a notarization performed by a Rhode Island notary public who has registered to perform electronic acts on or involving an electronic record using a tamper-evident technology approved by the Rhode Island Department of State.


  • The notary must be a Rhode Island notary who has registered to perform electronic acts with our office consistent with the RI Electronic Notarization Standards.
  • The same rules, requirements and elements of paper-based notarizations apply to electronic notarizations.
  • Electronic notarizations may provide a benefit to many industries because of the ability to transfer electronic records quickly.


Understand the Process

  1. The signer personally appears before the notary.
  2. The signer provides the electronic document to the notary.
  3. The notary reviews the document to determine the type of notarial act to be performed.
  4. The notary and document signer gather around the notary's computer.
  5. The notary positively identifies the signer.
  6. The notary screens the signer for willingness and awareness.
  7. The signer signs the document on the computer.
  8. The notary completes the notarial certificate and attaches it to the document through the electronic application.
  9. The notary signs and affixes the notary stamp.
  10. The notary completes the journal entry.
  11. The notarized document is sent to the signer or designated party who may then, download or transmit the document.

How to Apply:




  • Mail or bring your application to:
    RI Department of State
    148 W. River St.
    Providence, RI 02904

Upon successful completion of all registration requirements, this office will send an approval letter that confirms the commission to act as an electronic notary to the notary's email of record with this office.

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Electronic notarization solution providers

For electronic notarization solution providers seeking inclusion on our approved vendor list, please submit the solution provider application.