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Rhode Island State Holidays

Rhode Island State Holidays

Holiday 2019 2020 2021
New Year's Day
January 1st
Tuesday, January 1
Wednesday, January 1
Friday, January 1
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday
Third Monday in January
Monday, January 21
Monday, January 20
Monday, January 18
Memorial Day
Last Monday in May
Monday, May 27 Monday, May 25 Monday, May 31
Independence Day
Fourth of July
Thursday, July 4 Saturday, July 4
(Monday, July 6)
Sunday, July 4
(Monday, July 5)
Victory Day
Second Monday in August
Monday, August 12 Monday, August 10 Monday, August 9
Labor Day
First Monday in September
Monday, September 2
Monday, September 7
Monday, September 6
Columbus Day
Second Monday in October
Monday, October 14
Monday, October 12
Monday, October 11
Election Day
Tuesday after the First Monday in November
Tuesday, November 3
Veteran's Day
November 11th
Monday, November 11
Wednesday, November 11
Thursday, November 11
Thanksgiving Day
Fourth Thursday in November
Thursday, November 28 Thursday, November 26 Thursday, November 25
Christmas Day
December 25th
Wednesday, December 25 Friday, December 25 Saturday, December 25
(Monday, December 27)