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Center Stage

Here at the Business Services Division, we aim to help businesses of all shapes and sizes start, thrive, and grow. Center Stage is an opportunity for the Department of State to celebrate the staying power of Rhode Island’s vibrant business community. Please join us in congratulating the many entities that have reached milestone incorporation anniversaries!


Celebrating 100 Years
Newport County Rod and Gun Association

Celebrating 50 Years
T.F. Monahan & Son, Inc.
Smithfield Peat Co., Inc.
Stauch Vetromile & Mitchell Advertising, Inc.
M.J. Realty, Inc.
Everett Lane, Inc.


Celebrating 50 Years
Administration Services, Inc.
Caldwell & Johnson, Inc.
Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce Incorporated
Twin Oaks Realty Company
J. DeMarco Landscaping, Inc.
Evergreen Nursery Inc.
The Hitching Post, Inc.
Pond View Racquet Club, Inc.
CRA-MAR Corporation


Celebrating 100 Years
Handicraft Club

Celebrating 50 Years
Moran Shipping Agencies Inc.
Holiday Auto, Inc.
Smithfield Liquor Mart, Inc.
Beacon Investment Corporation
C & L Realty, Inc.
Ashaway Ambulance Association, Inc.
Sea Grant Association