Update or End A Notary Commission

It is important to keep the information in your notary record up to date. Our office should be notified if a notary is resigning their commission or if a commissioned notary has died. Failure to update your commission information may result in your commission being suspended or revoked.

Don't Forget!

Changes to a commission must be reported within 10 days, or within 5 days for electronic notarization updates.

Update your commission if any of the following have changed:

  • Name

  • Business or residential address

  • Contact information

  • Electronic notarization status or

  • Preference to opt in or out of the notary public search

Update Your Information


For name changes only, this form must be notarized by a RI Notary Public.

There is no fee to file this form.


Mail or bring your completed form to: 

RI Department of State 
148 W. River St. 
Providence, RI 02904

We process completed forms within 3-5 business days of receipt. If you filed a name change, a new commission certificate will be issued and mailed to your address of record.

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