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Act abolishing capital punishment

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  • Act abolishing capital punishment

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Act abolishing capital punishment


Rhode Island--History.


An Act abolishing capital punishment in the state of Rhode Island, February 1852.


Rhode Island General Assembly


C#00210 – Acts & Resolves of the RI General Assembly, 1852–1853, Vol. 49 #6


Rhode Island State Archives


1852 February





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An Act to abolish capital punishment,
and to provide for the more effectual Punishment
of crime. -
It is enacted by the General Assembly as

Section 1. The punishment of Death is hereby

Section 2. Any person convicted of any crime,
punishable with death by the laws now in force in
this State, shall be confined in the State's Prison,
at labor, for the period of his or her natural life.

Section 3. On the conviction of any person for a crime
now punishable by law with death, he or she, shall there-
upon, with respect to all rights of property, to the bond of
matrimony, and all civil rights and relations of
whatever nature, be deemed to be dead in all respects
as if his or her natural death had taken place at
the time of such conviction.

1 Section 4. Hereafter no person convicted of any crime
2 now punishable with death, or other crime for which
3 the punishment is now, by law imprisonment for a
4 term of not less than five years shall be pardoned or
5 released from prison - except by a concurrent recorded
6 vote of three fourths of all the members elected to each
7 House of the General Assembly and approved by the Governor. And all challenges to jurors except for cause in the trial of any criminal case are hereby abolished. So much
8 of any Act as is inconsistent is repealed.

The House of Representatives
February 11th AD 1832
Read + concurred with the
following amendments, In the seventh
line, 4th section after the word Assembly strike
out the word "and" + insert the following
"and approved by the Governor. And all challenges to jurors except for cause, in the trial of any criminal
case are hereby abolished" By Adm W. Hayes, Clerk

Senate Feb 5 AD 1853
By Order-
A. Potter

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Rhode Island General Assembly, "Act abolishing capital punishment," in Virtual Exhibits, Item #484, http://www.sos.ri.gov/virtualarchives/items/show/484 (accessed April 24, 2014).