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Details for Regulation Terminal Tariff 017 June 2012(6954)


Economic Development Corporation, Quonset Development Corporation

95 Cripe Street North Kingstown, RI 02852

Regulation Authority


Purpose and Reason

The purpose of the Terminal Tariff 017 dated June 2012 is to set in place the rates, rules, and regulations governing the Port of Davisville. Based on comments from Port Users and further analysis the following changes have been made to the draft: 1. Page 4, Item 4 (Line 3) Responsibility for Loss or Damage The expense of the repair of such damage or injuries or deaths to any persons shall be paid by said vessel or person, or agent of said vessel or person, except where it is due to QDCs own negligence. 2. Page 8, Item 20D Stevedoring Umbrella coverage increased from $5,000,000.00 to $15,000,000.00 under licensing requirements. 3. Page 10, Item 32A Dockage decreased from $6.00 per LOA per twenty-four period to $5.00 per LOA per twenty-four hour period. 4. Page 13, Item 39B and 39D Free Time Loading and Discharging: automobiles (only) assembly or unloading on the terminals, was increased from five (5) to seven (7) days without charge.

Type of Filing



Effective from 09/11/2012 to 03/20/2014

was Superseded by 7645 on 03/20/2014

Notice and Hearing Dates

Notice Date: 06/28/2012

Hearing Date: Hearing Not Required


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