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Teacher Resources

Civics and Rhode Island Government

Resources to help your students learn more about how our government works.

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Interactive Timeline of Rhode Island

Students can explore historic events in our state through images and links.

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Rhode Island's History and Government

This activity book is designed for students in grades 4-8. It includes information about Rhode Island’s history and government.

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Coloring Book

This bilingual K-3 coloring book explores Rhode Island landmarks, symbols, and emblems.

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Rhode Island has a rich and diverse history of everyday citizens taking action to make change in our state. These resources will help you bring this history into your classroom and prepare your students to be active, engaged citizens in the future.

Themed Collections:

African Americans

African Americans have lived in Rhode Island since the 17th century and their history is rich with activism and civic participation. Includes primary source documents dating back to 1652.

American Revolution

Rhode Islanders took a leadership role, sparking the American Revolution with their burning of the Gaspee and their renunciation of King George III. Includes primary source documents dating back to 1772.

Industrialization & Immigration

The American Industrial Revolution began in Pawtucket with Samuel Slater’s introduction of new manufacturing processes and hydro-power. Includes primary source documents dating back to 1840.

Native Americans

Present-day Rhode Island has been inhabited for thousands of years and our first nations helped form the Rhode Island we know today. Includes primary source documents dating back to 1637.

Rhode Island’s Royal Charter

The Royal Charter marked the first time in history that a monarch allowed the right of individuals within a society to practice the religion of their choice without any interference from the government. Includes primary source documents dating back to 1643.


Over the course of the state’s 300+ year history, various disenfranchised groups have petitioned the General Assembly and the US Congress for the right to vote. Includes primary source documents dating back to 1829.

US Constitution

Rhode Island’s role in the drafting and ratification of the US Constitution was unlike other states due in part to the freedoms granted to the colony in the Royal Charter. Includes primary source documents dating back to 1788.


Women have played a significant role in the founding of Rhode Island and continued to make their voices heard throughout our history. Includes primary source documents dating back to 1736.

The primary source documents included in the themed collections can be used to support Common Core Reading and Writing requirements, as well as Literacy in History/Social Studies for grades 6-12. Each collection also includes suggested activities and discussion guides. If you have questions about the materials provided, or would like additional materials, please contact Lane Sparkman, Associate Director of Education and Public Programs, at 401-330-3182 | [email protected]