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Hiring and maintaining employees

Below is a listing of a state laws and regulations required by various agencies that business owners in Rhode Island need to know. For questions regarding specific laws and regulations, we recommend visiting specific agency websites.

RI Department of Labor & Training

  • State law requires a display of the Unemployment Insurance Benefits/Employment and Training Services Poster
  • State law requires businesses with one or more part/full time employee the employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance
  • State law requires all workplace injuries be reported immediately to the Department of Training, even IF no lost wages are incurred

RI Directory of New Hires

  • Federal and State law requires all newly hired employees who live or work in Rhode Island must be reported within 14 days of their first day on the job
  • Federal and State law requires employers to report paid individuals regardless of whether the person is considered an employee by the federal tax code standards
  • Federal and State law requires employees who return to work after a lapse in employment be reported
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US Department of Labor

  • Federal law requires employers to comply with federal minimum wage, overtime, record keeping and child labor standards
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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

  • OSHA’s On-Site Consultation Service offers free and confidential advice to small and medium sized businesses, giving priority to high-hazard worksites. These services help ensure you are providing a healthy and safe work environment for your employees and do not result in penalties or citations
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US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services

  • Federal law requires all businesses to complete an I-9 form for each paid employee hired and for these forms to be kept on premises
  • Find the form and learn more