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Details for Regulation 2014-2016 Rules and Regulations for the Renewable Energy Development Fund Program(7637)


Commerce Corporation (formerly Economic Development Corporation)

Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

Regulation Authority

Rhode Island General Laws Sections 42-64-13.2; 39-2-1.2; and 39-26-7

Purpose and Reason

1.) The Rules propose to set forth the funding criteria utilized by the Corporation in connection with the Renewable Energy Development Fund (the “Fund”) and related programs mandated by applicable legislation. Specifically, the Corporation will receive applications for funding for renewable energy projects, and consider them in the context of criteria including but not limited to technical feasibility, amount of generated renewable energy, cost per kilowatt and financial viability of the project. The Fund and related programs may be used for technical feasibility analysis, municipal renewable energy investment and non-profit affordable housing development, as well as other renewable energy projects as determined by the Corporation. 2) Section 5.6 changed for clarification to: 5.6 All projects seeking funding through the REF must have a site address in Rhode Island.

Type of Filing



Effective from 01/09/2014

Currently in effect

Supersedes 7592

Notice and Hearing Dates

Notice Date: Notice Not Required

Hearing Date: Hearing Not Required


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