Rhode Island Legislative Leader

Nicholas A. Mattiello
Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Date of Birth: 05/16/1963
  • Spouse: Mary Ann Mattiello
  • Children: Nicholas A. Mattiello, Jr., Anthony J. Mattiello
General Background
  • High School: LaSalle Academy
  • College: Boston College, B.S.
  • Graduate School: Suffolk University School of Law, J.D.
  • Business and Personal Affiliations: Rhode Island Bar Association; Immaculate Conception Church; St. Mary's Feast Society; Oaklawn Grange
Major Responsibilities
Takes the rostrum each day and calls the House of Representatives to order. Decides on all questions of order subject to appeal in the House. Propounds all questions in the order in which they are moved, rises to put all votes, and declares all votes.
Contact Information
Public Service Information
  • Public Offices and Appointments: Elected Representative November 7, 2006
The Speaker oversees the proceedings in the House and ensures that the chamber is run according to the rules adopted by the members.
Additional Information
The Speaker, as an elected representative, may vote on all questions. While generally a member of the majority party, any member may be elected to this position. The Speaker serves as an Ex-Officio member of all standing committees.
Key Staff
Chief of Staff
Leo Skenyon
401-222-7904lskenyon at rilin.state.ri.us
Director of Joint Committee on Legislative Services
Frank A. Montanaro
fmontanaro at rilin.state.ri.us
Chief Legal Counsel
Danica Iacoi
401-222-2466diacoi at rilegislature.gov
Communications Director
Larry Berman
401-222-2466lberman at rilin.state.ri.us
Executive Assistant
Jennifer Amerantes
401-222-4433jamerantes at rilegislature.gov
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